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Ned O’Rourke

(Sales and Marketing Officer)

Ned O’Rourke – Sales and Marketing Officer

Mr. O’Rourke brings a background in sales, marketing, and management, in the financial, real estate and, most recently, the sustainability and renewables markets. In the late 1980’s he entered the financial services industry as an equity trader and broker. In 1992, Mr. O’Rourke  started his own trading firm which he and his partner later sold to a large international investment bank. During his tenure on Wall Street, he earned a reputation for addressing complicated financial challenges, procuring financing for new concepts and ventures, as well as managing funds and fund managers within the retail and institutional markets. 

Ned’s experience in the real estate industry is equally impressive. His responsibilities at major Real Estate firms and resort corporations have included major project management, sales training oversight as well as groundbreaking work in the online client interface experience, where he is credited with creating sales, jobs, and loyal clients.  This background has given him a unique perspective into the economic, environmental and CSR (corporate social responsibility) challenges that businesses face today.  His leadership in sales and marketing of resort properties gave him a front-row seat as a growing interest in being “green” and “sustainable” emerged in these fields.  This unique perspective on development processes gave rise to Ned’s philosophy that being “green” does not have to be more expensive than the alternative. He has proven again and again that it is possible to initiate and maintain green, sustainable practices. Businesses can save money with environmentally sound choices – allowing for greater profit.  This concept was the genesis of EnviroProfit, LLC which he founded in 2010. 

The experience of running a firm specializing in Sustainability Plans for businesses at a time when the term and strategies were just starting to be used led him to become active in the ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) and stakeholder movements.   

As Chief Revenue Officer at Natural Kore Laboratories, Ned brings his entrepreneurial spirit and business strengths to the table by connecting marketing to sales, building customer base and customer success, defining sustainability goals and options, and defining product development strategies among other essential revenue models.