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Koren Lipsett, Ph.D.

(Founder - Laboratory Director)
Koren A. Lipsett, Ph.D.

Koren Alayne Lipsett, Ph.D. – Founder & Laboratory Director

Dr. Koren Lipsett is an experienced, published biochemist. She is the Founder and Laboratory Director of Natural Kore Laboratories. For 28 years, Koren was a professor in the department of chemistry at Gettysburg College where she recently retired as Professor Emerita.  Biochemistry, natural product chemistry, introductory chemistry, and introductory forensic science were her academic passions and over the years taught more than 1000 students.

Trained as a bio-organic chemist and biochemist, Koren’s research passions included human and mammalian genomics and metabolic pathways to help understand human genetic disorders.  She mentored over 100 talented and enthusiastic research students, many of whom are now health care providers, research scientists, attorneys, professors, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

Koren’s research interests centered around understanding biosynthetic pathways.  Some changes in these pathways may lead to disease, and this became her research focus at Gettysburg College.  In addition, there are many pathways that lead to interesting natural products with beneficial properties like anti-bacterial compounds (e.g. Penicillium penicillin) from molds and anti-inflammatory compounds (e.g. Echinacea cichoric acid) from plants. Since retiring, she has continued to explore these pathways.  Using her accumulated knowledge, Koren is now focusing her talents on a commercially relevant plant, hemp Cannabis. Koren finds the natural terpene and cannabinoid biosynthetic pathways fascinating!  Here at Natural Kore Laboratories, she is in her element – formulating new effective products based on current research while providing concrete science-based information.  In addition, she utilizes her Vermont research garden to gather more data to add to the Cannabis research field.

Koren’s three-decade career has taught her one main thing – education is the key. The more questions you ask, the more knowledge you gain.  Ask the questions.  Get the answers.