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Healing CBD Peppermint Lip Balm

The Natural Kore lip balm is one of our newest addition to our product line! The lip balm is hypoallergenic (no nut tree oils or butters), has a smooth application, and doesn’t melt in your pocket! It has been noted by many of our customers that you can use this balm for other situations, like cracked fingertips from the dry winter or from washing too many dishes by hand! Our primary formulation contains Vermont-grown full-spectrum CBD-infused kokum butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, and soy wax. Vitamin E and peppermint essential oil are also added for their healing, cooling, and natural anti-microbial activities. The primary scent, therefore, is peppermint essential oil because of these important properties. There is also a slight cocoa smell as well.

Other essential oils and compounds can be added instead of peppermint oil. We have also have vanilla, and clove oil scents as alternative options. If you’re looking for a different scent, send us a quick email and we can work with you and custom make your CBD infusion product.

Our lip balm comes in two sizes – 0.5 ounces in a screw-cap round tin and 0.25 ounces in a push-up Kraft paper tube.  Both packaging styles are recyclable and contain no plastics.

The containers are so small, so this QR code provides most of the information here, rather than the label! The quantity of CBD is 57 mg/0.5 ounce container and 28 mg CBD/0.25 ounce container. The concentration of THC is less than 0.041% as well.