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Korehakutou Gourmet CBD Candies

Kohakukou-Inspired CBD Candies – Natural Korehakutou Gourmet CBD Candy

Kohakutou-Inspired Gourmet CBD Candies

Kohakutou candy is a popular and traditional Japanese candy that dates to the Edo Period in Japan, named after the city Edo, the modern-day city of Tokyo.  It was reported that Tarozaemon Minoya serendipitously discovered agar in 1658 which led to formulating the agar-based sweet candy. Initially it was called “kingyokuto” which means “golden sugar” but it evolved into “kohakutou,” or “amber sugar,” when orange and grapefruit rinds were added to the recipe (Nussinovitch & Hirashima, 2013). Kohakutou crystal candy was our inspiration to develop a flavorful, sweet, crunchy, and chewy candy packed with our signature hemp-based full-spectrum CBD.  It was essential to be creative at Natural Kore and this tasty and distinctive gourmet candy is our product that rivals the traditional gummy.

Using the Kohakutou crystal candy method, Dr. Lipsett formulated a CBD version that uses agar (similar properties as gelatin, but vegan), gourmet flavors, and a distinctive processing method that produces crunchy crystalized sugar on the outside and smooth soft “gum drop” interior.  This process may take a week to make, but we think these candies are far superior to the traditional gummy and worth the wait! We named our Kohakutou candies “Korehakutou Gourmet CBD Candies!”

Our Gourmet CBD Candies have sugar (cane sugar and/or brown sugar), hemp CBD-infused olive oil, agar, local raw honey, filtered water, sodium citrate and vitamin C (both are natural preservatives), all natural flavors (nothing synthetic), and natural spices.

In addition to the core (“Kore”) ingredients above, each flavor candy has a beautiful combination of natural flavors and spices as detailed below.

                  Orange Gourmet CBD Candies: freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh orange zest, natural orange essential oil, and b-carotene for coloring (and a vitamin!)

                  Mojito Gourmet CBD Candies: freshly squeezed lime juice, fresh lime zest, natural lime essential oil, natural rum flavoring (no alcohol!), and peppermint essential oil.

                  Piña Colada Gourmet CBD Candies: natural coconut flavoring, pineapple juice, natural pineapple flavoring, coconut water, coconut cream, and unsweetened coconut flakes. It is also alcohol-free!

                  Ginger Snap Gourmet CBD Candies: freshly grated ginger, natural ginger essential oil, spices (including more ginger!), and molasses.

                  Apple Pie Gourmet CBD Candies: Apple juice, apple pie spices, natural apple flavoring, and natural beet juice for coloring.

                  Peppermint Schnapps Gourmet CBD Candies: Peppermint essential oil and crushed peppermint candies. Of course, there is no alcohol!

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