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Vermont-made CBD Blueberry Jammin’ Jam! – Limited Quantities!

With this year’s abundant crop of Vermont blueberries, we collected over 4 gallons of sweet blueberries from our field and prepared several batches of Blueberry Jam and “CBD Blueberry Jammin’ Jam”!  

Below are descriptions of the CBD jams, the regular blueberry jams have the same ingredients without the CBD added.   

CBD Blueberry Jammin’ Jam (21H0101)Ingredients: Wardsboro, VT blueberries and maple syrup, cane sugar, nutmeg, home-made vanilla (Madagascar vanilla beans soaked in vodka* for 6 months), pectin (Sure-Jell Premium Fruit Pectin for Less + No Sugar Needed Recipes”), freshly squeezed lemon juice, freshly grated lemon zest,Full-spectrum concentrated CBD alcohol* extract.

Full-spectrum concentrated CBD alcohol* extract from CBD Hemp flowers was added to the preserve at the beginning of the rolling boil.  The final concentration of CBD in this batch is about 6 mg CBD/tablespoon of preserves.  Each 4-ounce jar has about 50 mg CBD. 
CBD Blueberry Jammin’ Jam (21H0103)Ingredients: Wardsboro, VT blueberries and maple syrup, brown sugar, nutmeg, home-made vanilla, pectin, and apple cider vinegar, full-spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD is also added at a final concentration of about 6 mg CBD/tablespoon of preserves.  And, similarly, each 4-ounce jar has about 50 mg CBD.  
Regular (No CBD added) Blueberry Jam (21H0104)Ingredients: Wardsboro, VT blueberries and maple syrup, brown sugar, nutmeg, home-made vanilla, pectin, and apple cider vinegar

Because it is an edible CBD product, we targeted a low oral dosage (6 mg CBD/serving), a good starting point if you’ve never had CBD before.  

How much CBD should be used for your ailments?  That’s a complex issue!  In general, though, the dosages range from 25 mg/day to 1700 mg/day depending on the condition.  Natural Kore’s Blueberry Jammin’ Jam is on the low end of that range so you can test the product and supplement with other CBD products throughout the day to reach your ideal dosage.   

We are always asking for feedback regarding our new products! If you’re interested in filling out our survey for the regular Blueberry Jam or the CBD Blueberry Jammin’ Jam, the jams have a batch number on the bottom of the jar.  Follow the link below for the survey.  

Thank you for giving us your feedback!  

Survey Links

Link to survey for 21H0101 (CBDBlueberryJammin’ Jam) 

Link to survey for 21H0103 (CBDBlueberryJammin’ Jam)

Link to survey for 21H0104 (regular Blueberry Jam)  

* Perhaps you were worried when I said that alcohol (as the CBD extract and vanilla) was added to the jam.  Just like cooking with wine or vanilla, the temperature of the rolling boil of the blueberries is plenty sufficient to boil off all of the small amount of alcohol/ethanol prior to canning.  The boiling temperature of ethanol is about 173.1°F (78°C) while the boiling temperature of water is 212°F (100°C).