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Natural Kore Laboratories has a team of dedicated individuals invested in formulating and marketing high-quality Vermont-cultivated CBD Hemp products.  Our Founder and biochemist, Dr. Koren Lipsett, has over three decades of research experience in bio-organic chemistry, biochemistry, genomic studies, and natural product chemistry.  With this foundation, Natural Kore Laboratories developed sustainable and uncomplicated CBD salves, lotions, tinctures and other convenient products that help deliver therapeutic plant compounds directly to the source of discomfort.  Our Chief Revenue Officer, Ned O’Rourke, has decades of experience in sales, marketing, and management, in financial, real estate and, most recently, the sustainability and renewables markets.  He has been an entrepreneur for three decades and brings this spirit and these strengths to Natural Kore Laboratories to provide sustainable options (packaging and materials), networking, and product marketing solutions.  During the pandemic, our team was hard at work researching, formulating, writing, planning, networking, and providing products to over 90 stakeholders for testing and feedback. Our team’s enthusiasm for science, education, natural medicines, sustainable business practices, and helping humans and human companions, Natural Kore Laboratories was born.   

Natural Kore Laboratories maintains a solar-powered, in-house laboratory for the testing and development of our CBD product lines including salves, tinctures, bath bombs and lotions.  Our facility also includes its own agricultural product gardens that enhance the company’s ability to control product research, development, and quality of our botanicals. Natural Kore Laboratories has also researched and developed CBD product lines for use in animals including feline, canine and equine products.   

Natural Kore Laboratories takes the sourcing of the products very seriously.  What that means is that we know exactly where our botanical flowers came from, how they were propagated, what nutrients were added and when, and how they were manually cultivated and processed post-harvest.  When we are not tending to our herb, fruit, vegetable, and hemp gardens, we are in the lab creating the next products for our customers and stakeholders to try.  Ask us what is in our pipeline!  

 One of our core values is “Keep it Sustainable and Simple”  

We promise to:

• use sustainable materials  
• use allergy-free materials   
• reduce waste  
• use non-plastic containers  
• minimize synthetic compounds in our products
• reduce our carbon footprint

This is how we do it.    

To be sustainable, we have chosen specific ingredients that are harvested sustainably and are not ultimately destructive to land through over-cultivation. It also must be economically favorable to the region where the material came from. 

To be allergy-free, we formulated our products without nut-tree oils or butters to provide more options to those with these types of allergies.  In addition, many of our products are made scent-free for those that are sensitive to smells.  

To reduce waste, we purchase our materials in bulk, including our product containers, so that we minimize packaging material and waste.  In addition, we recycle the packing material as we ship our products to you!  You may notice that your packing material contains plastic bubble wrapping – that’s because it came to us in our purchases.  The large containers we receive are used for plant harvesting, batch stocks and, if we are lucky, in the garden as mini greenhouses during spring planting!  

To go-plastic free as best we can, we use glass jars with metal lids for lotions & salves, cardboard “balm” tubes for the salve, cardboard boxes for the bath bombs, tins for spa wax treatments, chocolates and pet treats, and glass bottles for the tinctures, sprays and roll-ons.  The only plastic we use are the caps, dropper caps, and spray caps for the glass bottles, and we are actively seeking alternatives to this packaging. The glass jars and bottles can easily be reused or upcycled.  Many customers use the old jars for herbs, jams and storage for seeds from the garden and the 1-2 ounce bottles can be used for your homemade vanilla, among other delicious sauces or spices.    

To be free of synthetic preservatives, like parabens, we specifically make small batches of product, so it does not sit around for months before you purchase it.  We use plant oils (essential oils and seed oils) that have natural anti-microbial properties.   

You can be confident that our products are accurately labeled!  

Our botanical flowers, botanical extracts used in our products, and at the batch level, all our products have been tested for potency (cannabinoid concentration) by a third-party certified laboratory according to Vermont and USDA Hemp Rules.  In addition, the botanical flowers used to make our extract batches are tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contamination according to Vermont and USDA guidelines. 

None of our products exceed the Federal USDA Hemp guidelines of more than 0.3% Δ9-THC at the time of harvest.  In fact, no formulated product, including our tinctures, has a concentration of above 0.05% Δ9-THC (View our testing results). We also randomly test one consumer product periodically for further testing by a third-party certified laboratory to double check our product formulation and cannabinoid concentrations.  This exceeds the requirements for the Vermont and USDA Hemp programs.   

For your health and wellness, it is especially important to verify that there are no contaminants and accurately represent the concentration of important biomolecules, such as CBD, that our high quality products actually work for you.